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Author: Martina Pranger

Directors Dinner up above!

When Directors, Filmmakers and Jury meet up at a place as magical as Planötzenhof Innsbruck – inspiration thrives and conversations flow. We learn that even geniouses need little encouraging pep-talks from each other every once in a while, just to make sure not to be the only

It´s all about nature!

In Innsbruck the focus is set on nature since the INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL kicked off a week completely committed to nature and the environment with its MARKET on 4 october. Every part of the I.N.F. is highly dedicated to the topics of the environment and

GUSTO – Enjoy regional quality!

Support regionality and sustainability and enjoy dishes of our I.N.F. GUSTO partner restaurants that have been created 100% from regional foodstuffs with a seasonal aspect. At the restaurant Burkia they serve for example a fantastic Tyrolena Hokkaido pumpkin cream soup as well as Tiroler Gröstl

CampusKino shows “Activist”

The Innsbruck Nature Festival and Scientists for Future invite you to CampusKino@technik on september 26th at 7:00 p.m. The film “Activist” by Petteri Saario is shown which is about a finish girl that steps up against a mining company that wants to mine in a

Go Green / Go Digital

Our festival is environmentally friendly! That´s why the festival programme as well as all other important information about I.N.F. can be downloaded or viewed online on the event calendar.

“Sea of Shadows” kicks off I.N.F. FILM 2019

Richard Ladkani ́s „Sea of Shadows“ opens the 18th film competition with a bang. The Austrian director embarks on a voyage of discovery with a team who wants to save the endangered Vaquitas whales in the Gulf of California. Ladkani ́s camera captures not only the