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I.N.F. develops like an organism

The INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL draws attention to nature and the protection of its valuable resources.
Right on your doorstep – just like at the market with sumptuous offers of regional, seasonal Tyrolean produce. 
Up on the mountain – as with the expertise excursion “the mountain and the city in climate change” with the University of Innsbruck at the Patscherkofel. 
In the middle of the river – such as paddling with the WWF and the motto “Inn from the Inside”.
Down in the valley – as when sampling culinary dishes made from purely regional produce in selected, even unusual restaurants.
From river to shop window – like at the “Mach Kunst aus Müll” workshop in the Völser Inn-Au, where 21 children from the Waldorf School collected 2m³ of garbage within 1 hour, created works of art from it and exhibited them in the Burton Store in the city. 
Far away and yet so close – such as in the main prize-winning environmental documentary “Welcome To Sodom – Your Mobile Phone is Already Here”.

Nobody explains the diversity of the INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL better than its inventor and festival director Johannes Kostenzer: “I am proud and happy that the festival is developing like an organism. It grows, it unfolds and aims to raise awareness of the vulnerability of our planet, the central message of our festival.”