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Panel From book to film

The connection between literature and film at the 22nd Innsbruck Nature Film Festival.

On the basis of several case studies, the possibilities and challenges of adapting book content for film productions will be analysed and presented.

The path from book to film will be explained with regard to the cooperation with the author, from the perspective of the production company (e.g. The Eight Mountains). Furthermore, Gerda Leopold from the film production company Amilux will tell how the cooperation with an author can work (Hell-wach about and with the author, alpine dairyman, hiker, herb and nature expert Bodo Hell). The perspectives of a publishing house (e.g. Ullstein) on cooperation with regard to the filming of a book will also be examined (based on Breakfast with Elephant).

Producer Leonardo Barrile will report on the film project Fiore mio by Paolo Cognetti (director and screenplay).

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