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Filmmakers as narrators of our time!

Innsbruck’s mayor Georg Willi spoke to the filmmakers at the award ceremony on the last evening:”Filmmakers are the narrators of our time. Perhaps it has never been as important to tell stories as it is now. At a time when we have increasingly forgotten how to listen to one another, the medium of film knows how to attract attention to particularly important topics and nobody needs dedicated and talented narrators more than nature and the environment. “
The two main prizes of the film competition are the “Grand Prizes of the City of Innsbruck”, each worth € 3.000,-. Winner of the best environmental documentary was awarded to WELCOME TO SODOM, an electronic scrap documentary crossing Europe to Ghana, directed by Florian Weigensamer and Christian Krönes and produced by Robert Schrotthofer. And the second, the best nature documentary, went to SEA OF SHADOWS, directed by Richard Ladkani, produced by Wolfgang Knöpfler and co-produced by Leonardo di Caprio, showing a true species protection thriller in the Gulf of California. Both internationally acclaimed projects made by Austrians.