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What came first: nature or film?

In Innsbruck, nature was there before film arrived. It is omnipresent, it always has been and because if this, it is taken for granted. After all, 18 years ago, film was brought to lay the foundations in order to give nature in Innsbruck a festival. This year it has come of age, free from constraints and it’s high time that everyone is shaken awake! Now in 2019, the festival is celebrated with all the senses. In nature, with her, about her. From locals, guests, travellers from all over the world, people randomly walking by, from city and country and from supporting companies. From children and artists, professors and pensioners, filmmakers and fans. Curious, enjoyable, dreamy, creative, funny, exciting, sweaty and delicious. 
And: Who will finally win?
We will. We are nature.
As Ingrid Felipe, deputy governor of Tyrol so aptly put it: “Nature conservation is something wonderful.”