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Author: Martina Pranger


You are nature! We are nature! Have you got a film to fit this theme? Give it here! Submit, present, win! CALL FOR ENTRIES FOR THE 19TH INNSBRUCK NATURE FILM FESTIVAL! From now until June 1, 2020! Image by Lanzanasto.

Filmmakers as narrators of our time!

Innsbruck’s mayor Georg Willi spoke to the filmmakers at the award ceremony on the last evening:”Filmmakers are the narrators of our time. Perhaps it has never been as important to tell stories as it is now. At a time when we have increasingly forgotten how

I.N.F. develops like an organism

The INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL draws attention to nature and the protection of its valuable resources. Right on your doorstep – just like at the market with sumptuous offers of regional, seasonal Tyrolean produce. Up on the mountain – as with the expertise excursion “the mountain and

What came first: nature or film?

In Innsbruck, nature was there before film arrived. It is omnipresent, it always has been and because if this, it is taken for granted. After all, 18 years ago, film was brought to lay the foundations in order to give nature in Innsbruck a festival.

We save food!

The Feld-Verein and Transition Tirol use the not so perfect looking vegetables that´s not sold in grocery stores and take a stand against the senseless waste of food – right there in Innsbruck´s historic centre in front of “Goldenes Dachl”!

Honorable mention für “Wildes Innsbruck”

“Wildes Innsbruck” was awarded Honorable mention at I.N.F. FILM. Jury statement: The Film finds impressive images for the juxtaposition and coexistence of nature and culture, using the example of Innsbruck. It surprises with fascinating stories of an adaptable wildlife right on our doorstep and is eye-opening

Turn Trash into ART – I.N.F. Workshop 2019

Students of the Waldorfschule IBK, Skeleton Sea and Burton Innsbruck collected trash alongside the river Inn and turned the found rubble into art objects. Until wednesday these objects can be viewed at the Burton Store Innsbruck.

And the winner is…

The festive award gala at town hall ended the INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL 2019 and I.N.F. FILM crowned its winners. Mayor Georg Willi thanked all participating filmmakers for their inspiring and impressive projects concerning the environment and nature and for helping to create awareness for the

Young Talents chosen by TT-readers!

Today the five films of the category “Young Talents” are in the run for a prize. Our Partner TT is sponsoring this prize and therefore the readers are the ones to decide which project will be crowned. So be part of it and vote for