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Der alte Mann und die Möwe – in Meeresnähe gibt es Flashbacks in seine Kindheit, Heilung für sie und schöne Stunden miteinander. Dieser delikate Film lässt einen die professionelle Hand des Drehbuchautors und Animationfilmers Gabriel Hénot Lefèvre spüren.

Gabriel Hénot Lefèvre
F 2022, 14 min
15.10.2022, 15:45
15.10.2022, 21:00

Jury statement

“We all believe this to be a truly beautiful film. It encapsulated a love for the natural world and for humanity and our relationship with animals. The animation was beautiful, the storytelling was divine, the music and sound design so well tempered and the emotional resonance were affecting. Stories like this one will give hope to many about the future of our connection to nature and so we felt it was deserving of the top prize in this category.“