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Will we meet face to face?

The Innsbruck Nature Film Festival will again take place in 2021 as part of the International Nature Festival (16-24 October 2021) and is perfectly embedded as a highlight in the week’s schedule, in which numerous activities will draw the attention of all people and invite them to pay attention to a conscious treatment of nature and the environment, motivating them to live well. Not only right on our doorstep but also out in the world. Once again we hope to be able to meet live and face to face as we were able to achieve in October 2020 as one of the few Festivals worldwide.

How could justice be done better here than in a film? With the abstract and the trivial, entertaining and informative, direct and hidden. Thought-provoking, shocking and inspiring. Pleasurable, fascinating and simply beautiful. The cinematic works that will be screened in the anniversary edition will be as diverse and individual as nature itself, living beings and their characters. The first port of call is to apply

Image: ©International Nature Festival