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Wrought begins with that universal moment
of disappointment: despite all best efforts,
our food has gone bad! But instead of turn-
ing away in disgust, Wrought zooms in, ap-
proaching the usually hidden world of decay
with curiosity and stunning time lapse pho-
tography. It explores and challenges terms
like spoil, ferment, compost and rot as it coax-
es audiences to decompose these categories
and their associated binaries: self and other,
human and non–human, and nature and cul-
ture. As the film title implies, we are all forged
out of the relationships that transgress
such binaries; we are all, indeed, wrought.

  • Regie: Joel Penner, Anna Sigrithur
  • CA 2022, 72 min, OV
  • Thursday, 19.10 19:15 Uhr