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A gripping environmental thriller that investigates a global business worth billions: illegal logging. Alexander von Bismarck, grandnephew of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and head of the Environmental Investigation Agency in Washington, successfully tracks down the machinations of the timber mafia worldwide, uncovering truly scandalous events. In the documentary, all traces lead to an Austrian company. Ultimately, von Bismarck’s aim is to change politicians and civil society awareness. A new code of conduct for the global economy, but also for consumers.
Ebba Sinzinger, Michaela Kirst & Co
A 2020, 97 min, OmeU
17.10.2022, 19:00

Jury statement

“This is a story about the trees that we should never stop fighting for. The filmmakers shine a light on a problem that often goes unseen but concerns every green corners of the world, including the ones closest to us. It dives down relentlessy to the roots of illegal deforestation, and exposes in details the intricate systems that allow companies to destroy in the name of profit what are supposed to be protected areas. It reminds us that with bravery, it is always possible to hold the powerful to the mark, and to strive for a better protection of the environment.”