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Despite a deeply unbalanced game, Maxima,
Bertha and Carolina share a common goal:
they are leading today‘s environmental fight
against modern corporate conquistadors.
Whereas governments and corporations are
trapped in a global race to get the cheapest
raw materials, these three women tell us
a story of tireless courage. „The Illusion of
Abundance“ is not only a film about those
who pay the high price of ‘development’, it
is above all a film about the globalization
of their environmental resistance and their
conviction to hunt down transnational cor-
porations, wherever they hide.

  • Regie: Erika Gonzalez Ramirez, Matthieu Lietaert
  • BE 2022, 60 min 25 sek, EuSPmeU
  • Saturday, 21.10. 18:45 Uhr