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The Dark Side of Bright Nights

When light pollution causes the night to dis-
appear, a fundamental clock for life on earth
is thrown out of balance. Animals and plants
are threatened by artificial light. Many organ-
isms have found their evolutionary niche in
the dark of night and must now adapt to
bright nights. Some succeed, but for many
the brightness becomes a death trap – and
causes species to die. Dedicated researchers
now shed a new light on the effects of this
nocturnal light on nature. Will science find
solutions to the problem?
» Framed by Keynote Speech and Panel Dis-
cussion with Ruskin Hartley, CEO Dark Sky

  • Regie: Sander van Iersel, Tim Visser
  • NL 2023, 50 min, OV
  • Thursday, 19.10. 14:30 Darksky Session