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A tree with a great crown floats majestically on the Black Sea, on its way to a man who collects centuries-old trees. He pays for them, uproots them and puts them in his garden. A symbol of power, outrageous wealth and the conquest of nature.

In this slow documentary, Georgian director Salome Jashi documents the arduous process of uprooting for both nature and man. Screened at the 2021 Berlinale and the Sundance Festival.

Salome Jashi
GE/CH, D 2021, 92 min, OmeU
16.10.2022, 17:15

Jury statement

“How far are humans allowed to interfere in nature? By taking it slow and leaving unanswered questions, the movie allows us to feel the absurdity of an outrageous enterprise, as well as the infinite sadness of this cruel uprooting. We get to see people torn between grief over lost nature and strive for financial stability. The story is carried by powerful images, in suspension, at times reminiscing of surrealist movies. We could almost be watching a tale – except all is true. And the final contemplation of the artificially rooted garden is all the more harrowing for it.”