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Garden dormice are actually at home all over
Europe. But suddenly reports of missing per-
sons are piling up. The disappearance of the
rodent with the Zoro mask is so mysterious
that researchers and conservationists are
forming a special commission of unprec-
edented size and scope. They want to get
to the bottom of the causes of the massive
decline. The investigations are running at
full speed, because time is short. Only if the
“SOKO Gartenschläfer” solves this puzzling
case in time, they may still be able to save
the species.

  • Regie: Rosie Koch
  • DE 2022, 43 min, OV (ohne UT E)
  • Friday, 20.10. 09:00 Uhr School Session
  • Sunday, 22.10 16:30 Uhr Garden Session I