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This 30 minute–long documentary film which
is narrated by Academy Award Winner Laura
Dern, exposes shocking truths about pesticide
exposure in Ojai, a small Southern California
town located in the agricultural county of Ven-
tura, California. Drawing from data obtained
by EWG from the Ventura Country Agricultural
Office, the film shows that in Ventura County
over 5.7 million pounds of toxic “Danger and
Warning Label” pesticides are sprayed each
year. These pesticides are sprayed next to resi-
dences and schools as well as near other public
areas and pose a significant public health risk.

  • Regie: Rebecca Tickell, Josh Tickell
  • US 2023, 30 min, OVeU
  • Sunday, 22.10. 17:15 Uhr
  • EU- Premiere