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Sergey Zimov is a cranky but brilliant geophysicist who lives with his scientist son Nikita in the most remote corner of Siberia. There, the Arctic permafrost is thawing, containing an incredible amount of carbon. Pleistocene Park is Zimov’s attempt to restore the ecosystem of the ice-age mammoth steppe. Animals from all corners of the world are going to help him. Will the two Russian scientists manage, against all odds, to prevent the worst-case scenario of the climate crisis and redefine humanity’s relationship with nature?
Luke Griswold-Tergis
USA 2022, 101 min, OmeU
15.10.2022, 15:45
16.10.2022, 20:00

Jury statement

“Passion – enthusiasm – craziness: It is elusive what these guys are doing for their own life, their families or the entire mankind. They have a mammoth vision and do everything they can and even more to safe permafrost soils and consequently mitigate climate change. Their ups and downs are brought with great tactfulness and endurance to the screen.”