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Just grazing idyllically in the wild, a curious cow falls into the clutches of a mechanical destroyer. A collaborative work by six graduates of the French “Ecole Georges Méliès”, which shows reality without words. Bon appétit.
Camille Burles, Andréea Ciora, Lou Fraleu, Manon Lambert, Clara Mesplé, Chloé Viala
F 2021, 4:40 min
18.10.2022, 17:30

Jury statement

“The filmmakers made such a powerful point in such a short time, which left us in awe. The animation and the scape of the worldbuilding was stunning, the sound design and music served the story beautifully and we ended up feeling very attached to our beautiful small protagonist. We believe this film will make many rethink their meat consumption. We all agreed that this exciting work was well deserving of the Young Talent award.”