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Director Marie Amiguet sets two men on the Tibetan plateaus: the much-lauded photographer Vincent Munier and the writing adventurer Sylvain Tesson. The affable Mad Max pair set out in search of the snow leopard where Munier introduces Tesson to the art of waiting patiently in order to catch a glimpse of the majestic snow cat. If only it would come! The result is a poetic, decelerating documentary with a philosophical touch. Masterfully narrated with stunning images and a beautiful original score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – no wonder this rich journey was awarded a Cesár and screened at Cannes.
Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier
F 2021, 92 min OmdU
16.10.2022, 20:00

Jury statement

Yours is the light, the landscapes, the animals and the people – Marie with her observations in the film just as the photographer Vincent through his alert patience with his images or as the philosopher and writer Sylvain Tesson with his words. With your direction, Marie and Vincent, you have created and important document.
Vincent says of Marie: “She had a fresh look, a unique sensibility…. and I appreciated her “Leopardig-like” discretion. Her job was to follow us while forgetting herself, filming us without any staging to get as close to reality as possible.”

It was truly worth it! I am happy and honored to give this award to you for the beautiful “Snow Leopard”.

Christian Berger