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narrated by Hollywood actor and climate activist, Woody Harrelson, moves the message of making the impossible possible. This stirring, emotional and above all, hopeful masterpiece is about solving humanity’s greatest challenge: stabilising the climate and thus securing the future. And it comes with a solution that actually seems feasible. By regenerating the soil, it could be possible to completely stabilise the earth’s climate and restore lost ecosystems. Who would have guessed that soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle.
Josh Tickell/ Rebecca Tickell
USA 2020, 85 min, OV
22.10.2021, 19:45
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Soil is multifunctional, diverse, essential and, although close to our feet, full of surprise. “Kiss the Ground” elucidates with impressive pictures and famous proponents, linking soil and climate and presenting us with an important step on the way to overcoming climate change. Regeneration of soils and at the same time regeneration of food production and ecosystems. Let’s go forward to the so(i)lution. This film has the power to be a game changer!