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Faced with climate change and pressure from consumers, more and
more multinationals are committed to “carbon neutrality”. But can
we believe their claims of ‘net zero’ or is this simply greenwashing?
In order to call themselves carbon neutral, many of these large companies
essentially rely on “carbon offsetting”, financing “ecological” projects via
carbon credits rather than reducing emissions. The most popular projects
are tree plantations. Between the buyer of credits and the one who re-
ceives the funds, a whole business has developed. Companies connect
their customers (Total, Energie, Air France, etc.) with reforestation projects
around the world. The intermediary companies then dispatch the funds
and take a commission.
But to ensure the success of its business model, the intermediaries fo-
cus on the most profitable projects, those that are inexpensive and not
complicated to implement. For example, planting trees, without worrying
about what will happen to the local communities, replanted trees, agri-
cultural practices on site. Very often these carbon offset projects are
not effective or even have a negative impact on the environment and
local people.
One example is Nespresso, offset champion who has pledged that “every
cup of coffee will be carbon neutral by 2022”. The Documentary investi-
gates the true viability of their claims.

  • Regie: Claire Tesson
  • FR 2023, 52 min, EN
  • Thursday, 19.10. 19:00 Uhr