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In a northern German attic: boxes of pinned
butterflies, carefully hand–coloured photo-
graphs of the local flora and fauna, hundreds
of stuffed and dusty birds – Jürgen Friedrich
Mahrt (1882–1940) did a great job. His col-
lections echo a present that doesn’t exist
anymore. And yet all signs of an ecological
crisis can be found buried in them. His great–
granddaughter Sönje Storm has the quiet ec-
centric’s estate analysed by experts, shows
peat cutters, extinct species and a chang-
ing countryside. An exceedingly stimulating
excursion, congenially accompanied by the
scurrilous electronica sounds of Dominik Eu-
lberg and Bertram Denzel.

  • Regie: Sönje Storm
  • DE 2022 , 85 min, OV
  • Friday, 20.10. 20:45 uhr
  • AT-Premiere