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Christian BERGERs Etudes Water

Immerse yourself in images and sounds that pick you up in your stomach and not in your brain. This is also possible at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival. For the first time, cameraman and director Christian Berger is giving the public an insight into his personal approach to his environment.
insight into his personal approach to his environment. Whether water, grasses, clouds, he captures movement with his well-known aplomb and triggers moods in the viewers. Christian Berger says: “In my profession, I want a face to shine or a landscape, but not a lamp. My inspiration: strict limitation to a very manageable space in shallow water depths of a few metres and frequent return depending on the wind effect on the water surface and the position of the sun…”. And so, in his miniatures, we are immersed in plays of light that require great skill to capture. Alternating with Christian Berger’s finger exercises, we hear poetry and short texts about nature, read by Anna Greissing.

  • Christian BERGER
  • AT 2023, 5 min, No Dialogue
  • Saturday, 21.10. 17:00 Uhr
  • World Premiere