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Does nature have rights – and if so, can it
sue for them in court? We humans are cur-
rently causing a mass extinction of species.
Shouldn‘t animals, plants, rivers and ecosys-
tems be able to defend themselves? This is
already possible in Ecuador, where a rainfor-
est has won in court and is allowed to keep
its mineral resources. What would something
like that mean for us? If we are attacked, we
can go to court and defend ourselves. Ac-
cording to the biologist and philosopher An-
dreas Weber, this must also be possible for
animals and plants. Biological research has
shown, for example, that animals are just as
sensitive and sensitive to pain as we are.

  • Regie: Antonia Lilly Schanze
  • DE 2022, 24 min 50 sek, OV
  • Friday, 20.10. 19:15 Uhr