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This film is a nature road movie. Embark on
a search for one of the rarest butterflies in
The Danube clouded yellow is threatened
by extinction throughout Europe. Only in
Romania, extensive large pastures still exist,
where cattle, water buffalo and horses graze
in small numbers, maintaining a semi–open
grassland interspersed with bushes and
trees. A colourful, flowering biotope that
is home to the Danube clouded yellow and
numerous other endangered organisms. But
social upheavals are also taking place in Ro-
mania, which will almost inevitably lead to
the disappearance of extensive pastures, as
in the rest of Europe.

  • Regie: Jan Haft
  • DE 2023,502 min, OV
  • Friday, 20.10. 21:30 Uhr