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The organiser of the International Nature Festivals (INF) is the Verein Nature Festival (ZVR 1083925235), Riedgasse 93, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria.



The award is to be bestowed upon a special work, initiative, project or event, even a special commitment, which makes a valuable contribution to the sustainable development of our society and can be clearly associated with topics of nature and environmental protection, conscious use of resources, renewable energies, climate change, sustainability, fair trade, organic products, regionality and/or seasonality. Accompanying important criteria are innovative strength, role model effect and feasibility.


Anyone can and should submit: individuals, work groups, associations, companies, school classes, project groups, educational institutions, etc. It is important to provide sufficient documentation or proof of the effectiveness or positive effect in use – where relevant.


Where possible, not before 2018


Only one (1) project per entrant may be submitted to the competition.

Registration is only possible online via the website:

Key project data and a description will be requested at the time of submission.

In case of an invitation to the INF 2020, a second step will require that the applicant be asked to complete any outstanding information including picture(s), text and/or exhibition material for the promotion of the event.


No entry fees will be charged. 


The submission is only valid upon receipt of the following:

– A fully completed, official online registration form
– Access to a detailed description of the project
– Sufficient documentation or proof of sustainable effectiveness or positive effect in its application 




There are no fixed categories for a submission. The project must demonstrably make a valuable contribution to the sustainable development of society and is not restricted to any specific location.


All participants will be notified until September 30th about their qualification for the sustainability award. The submitted projects will undergo a pre-selection process and the ten (10) most promising submissions will be nominated. A jury appointed by the organiser will select the winner from these ten proposals.

The evaluation criteria of the jury are as follows:

– Social value/benefit (= role model effect, effectiveness or problem solving potential, quality of the aid principle)
– Idea, innovation, originality
– Possibility of implementation, efficiency, applicability
– Cost-benefit efficiency

The awarding of prizes take place under exclusion of legal action. It is expressly stated that there is no right to reimbursement of costs or other benefits. The winners will be awarded a prize of € 3,000. The award ceremony will take place on 09.10.2020 at the International Nature Film Festival Awards.


Each participant undertakes and guarantees to submit only those projects for which they hold the copyright and rights of use and which do not, in any way, infringe the rights of third parties whatsoever. In the case of violation of copyright or other third party rights on the part of the participant, the participant shall bear sole responsibility and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless, the organiser in reference to claims/demands made by third parties in this context. In addition, a project shall be excluded from the competition if it conveys racist, inflammatory or offensive content or content which is offensive to human dignity, in any way.

Each participant gives their explicit consent that the submitted material may be publicly shown and used in connection with the INF. The INF is expressly entitled to use material from the submitted projects for the promotion of the festival. This includes any kind of texts, pictures, exhibits and materials.

No further rights of use other than the INF and INF On Tour exist on the part of the organiser; the complete copyright and right of use shall remain with the participant. 


By participating, the participant agrees that their data may be stored and processed for the purposes of holding and handling the event as specified in the registration form. The participant agrees to receive event-related information by e-mail. The sending of relevant information is exclusively carried out by the organiser. Personal data shall not be forwarded to third parties.

The participant agrees to the publication of their name in all relevant media accompanying the event (e.g. programme booklet) and press work (e.g. press releases) and will be named as the author of the submitted project. Photographs, film recordings, texts and interviews, as well as submitted materials may be distributed and published by the organiser for promotional purposes, media coverage and further performances in connection with the INF without entitlement to remuneration.


In the case of changes to the execution of the event or cancellation, the organiser is not liable for damages to the participant. The organiser is not liable for material and financial damages caused by slight negligence. In particular, the organiser does not assume any liability for damage to materials sent.


Should a provision of these conditions of participation be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. This agreement shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law to the exclusion of conflict of law rules. All disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled before the competent court in Innsbruck. This agreement does not constitute a service or company relationship between the participant and the organiser.

This text is subject to Austrian law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Austrian law. It has been drawn up in German and English. In case of discrepancies between the German and the English version, the German version shall take precedence.

Registration for the UNIQA INF Sustainability Prize signifies acceptance of these conditions of participation.