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INF and its committed partners put together a colourful programme with FILM, GUSTO, KIDS, SCIENCE and SENSES. There was laughter and storytelling, cooking and feating, experiencing and being experienced. Small groups went bird-watching and to the Karwendel, to collect rubbish and create art, to up-cycle, burn gin and visit the climate exhibition, to feast, watch films and to take part in expert discussions in the Metropol cinema Couch Saloon.

At the end, the festival rewarded and honoured a number of people who stood out in 2020 be it either with something completely new or something traditional. For example, the “Grand Prize of the City of Innsbruck” was awarded to two classic films, “Die Wiese” by Jan Haft, which received the arolla pine trophy for the Best Nature Film Documentary, and “Sheep Hero” by Ton van Zantvoort for the Best Environmental Documentary.