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„Turn Trash into Art” by Skeleton Sea with WWF Österreich and the Waldorfschule Innsbruck

For the premiere of the new festival module I.N.F. ART, Skeleton Sea creates art objects together with WWF Österreich and a class from the Waldorfschule Innsbruck.
Flotsam, jetsam and rubbish – spewn up on the banks of the Inn, where it doesn´t belong, is collected, processed and presented at a so-called “Turn Trash Into Art” – Make Art out of Rubbish” workshop session. And there´s more: the interaction is meant to inspire participants to change their everyday habits and to take pride in our great outdoors.
Date: 14 – 24 october 2019
Location: Burton Store, Anichstraße 13, 6020 Innsbruck
Type: exhibition
Panda WWF