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The organiser and service centre of the Innsbruck Nature FILM Festival (INFF) is the Verein Nature Festival (ZVR 1083925235), Riedgasse 93, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria



In terms of subject matter, the films submitted must deal with the topic of nature and/or the environment.


No older than 2018


Only one film contribution per director may be submitted to the competition. The film must not have been shown previously at the INFF.

All entrants must register online via Filmfreeway or our website:

When submitting the film, only key data of the film is required. In case of an invitation to the INFF 2020, the applicant will be asked for further information concerning the film for our catalogue and/or our website. Films that have not yet been completed are eligible for submission, but there must be an overview of any changes and pending adjustments as well as film completion one month prior to the start of the festival.


In order to guarantee a high-quality selection process and professional handling, the INFF requires a small fee. The fees are as follows:

Documentaries: € 30,-
Documentation: € 30
Short film (up to 30 minutes): € 20
Short Films (max. 30‘): € 20,-
Young Talents (up to 26 years of age, max. 20 minutes): € 5

Submission fees must be transferred free of charge to the beneficiary to the following account by June 15th 2020. Please make sure you reference the film title when transferring.
Name: Verein Nature Festival
IBAN: AT06 3620 9000 0026 9639
Payments via are also accepted via this link: PayPal/INFF

The INFF reserves the right to change the entry fees. Please note that the submission platform FilmFreeway and the payment platform, PayPal may charge additional processing fees.


The application is only valid with the submission of the following:
– A receipt of a fully completed official online-application form
– Access to the film material as an online-screener, a file upload OR a properly labelled hard drive sent via post
– Successful payment of the submission fee


There are no explicit premiere rules other than the film should not have had a previous public screening in Innsbruck. Exceptions are possible. An exclusivity clause is in place concerning theatrical screenings in Innsbruck. The selected films should not be screened to an audience in Innsbruck/ Tyrol between August and the end of the festival. Should this nevertheless occur, the INFF reserves the right to exclude the film(s) from the competition.


German-language films should have English subtitles, English-language films should have German subtitles. Films with any other language must provide either English or German subtitles.


June 1st, 2020


Online – screener
Screeners must be submitted in a common digital video format (MPEG-2, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV), preferably as an online screener (via YouTube, Vimeo, FilmFreeway). Please make sure that the screeners are activated for download.

Please note: the (secure) download-option must be enabled until October 9th 2020!

No subtitles are necessary for German or English language versions. For all other language versions, screeners must be provided with English or German subtitles.

Films submitted by post:
The DVD, hard drive or BluRay must show the following information:
– Title of the film
– Name of the director(s)
– Length and format

Posted material must be sent at your own expense and must arrive before the closing date for submissions to:
Verein Nature Film Festival
Riedgasse 93
6020 Innsbruck

The INFF is not responsible for any shipping costs. Any material submitted will not be returned and the submitted preview copies will remain in the INFF archives for documentation purposes.

Selected Films / Shortlists
The INFF programme is compiled exclusively from submissions, with a team of curators, also actively encouraging films to be submitted. The programme consists of about 50 long and short films. All selected films will receive a confirmation E-mail by the end of July. Withdrawal from the competition is no longer possible after the shortlists have been determined and published at the beginning of August 2020.

All nominated films (shortlist) will be shown during the course of the film festival between October 6th-9th 2020. Entrants will be requested to submit their films in the mandatory DCP format in due course. If no DCP material of the submitted film is available, the festival can provide support. Should there not be a possibility of conversion, this must be discussed separately with the film scheduling department:

In certain exceptional cases, the INFF can arrange for necessary conversions.

INFF does not pay any rental or license fees for screenings. Should the submitted film not have German or English dialogue or text, German or English subtitles must be provided for the screening.

The screening copy can be sent to the festival by post, courier or download link. All deliveries from outside the European Union must be marked with the note: „no commercial value – for cultural purposes only“. The festival will not accept any deliveries that are subject to customs duties, taxes or shipping charges.

In addition, a member of our hospitality team will contact the director (or another named representative of the creative team) to arrange a personal appearance at the screening in Innsbruck. We support travelling arrangements that are as environmentally friendly as possible.


Films can be submitted in the following categories:
SHORT FILM (max. 30 minutes)
ANIMATION SHORT (max. 30 minutes)
YOUNG TALENT (max 20 minutes, until age 26)

In addition to these categories there are also the categories vision award, special award for the best film on the topic of soil and best cinematography award. Then there are also out of competition sections, which are divided into retrospectives, spotlights and specials. The INFF reserves the right to assign films to categories other than those specified by entrants.


The submitted films will be reviewed and evaluated by a specialist committee appointed by the organiser. The awarding of process is subject to the exclusion of legal action. It is expressly stated that the participant has no right to claim reimbursement of costs or any other services. Winners in the above, aforementioned categories will be awarded prizes to the value of approximately € 15.000.


Each participant undertakes and guarantees to submit only those films for which he/she owns the copyrights and rights of use and which do not infringe upon any third-party rights whatsoever. The participant bears sole responsibility for any infringement of copyrights or other rights of third parties by the participant (e.g. music, film excerpts from other productions …) and undertakes to indemnify and hold the organiser free from any liability regarding claim/ claims of third parties in this context. Furthermore, any film(s) containing racist, sexist, religiously derogatory or inflammatory content will be excluded from the competition.

Each participant gives his/her explicit consent that the submitted (film) material may be publicly screened and used in connection with the INFF. The INFF is expressly entitled to use material of the submitted films for the purposes of promotion and marketing of the festival. This includes film texts, poster art and film stills. The festival also reserves the right to make a password-protected copy of the film available to representatives of the press, presenters or selected professional visitors.

If selected, the submitted film may be shown during the festival period. If the film wins a prize in one of the INFF 2020 competitions, the film may also be shown twice during the INF ON TOUR, following the festival. In this case, the entrant will be informed in advance. INF ON TOUR is a programme tour organised by the INTERNATIONAL NATURE FESTIVAL (INF)in Austria. The INF shortlist will have the chance to show films once again in other locations throughout Austria. The festival endeavours to ensure that the films are shown to as wide an audience as possible as well as beyond the INFF and promotes the art of film with a focus on nature and the environment. If the submitted film is selected for one of these programme sections, the entrants will be informed in advance and participation will be discussed together. The INFF team will make every endeavour to pay rental fees and royalties for these events, but cannot guarantee this. Beyond the INFF and INF ON TOUR, there are no further rights of use by the organiser; the complete copyright and rights of use remain with the participant.


By participating, the participant agrees that his/her data may be stored and processed for the purposes of holding and handling the event as specified in the registration form. The participant agrees to the sending of the information relevant to the event by E-mail. The sending of relevant information is exclusively carried out by the organiser. Personal data will not be forwarded to third parties.

The participant declares that he/she agrees to the publication of his/her name in all relevant media accompanying the event (e.g. programme brochure) and press work (e.g. press release) amd will be named as the author of the respectively submitted film. Photographs, film recordings and interviews as well as submitted films may be distributed and published by the organiser for promotional purposes, media reporting and further public screenings in connection with the INFF without entitlement to remuneration.


In case of changes in the execution of the event or if the event is cancelled, the organiser is not liable for damages to the participant. The organiser is not liable for material or financial damages caused by slight negligence. In particular, the organiser does not assume any liability for damages to preview or screening copies as well as any materials submitted by the participant.


Should a provision of these conditions of participation become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. This agreement shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law, excluding conflicting laws. All disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled before the competent court in Innsbruck. This agreement does not constitute a service or company relationship between the participant and the organiser. This text is subject to Austrian law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Austrian law. It has been drawn up in German and English. In case of discrepancies between the German and the English version, the German version shall prevail.

Registration for the INFF implies acceptance of these conditions of participation.