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The wildlife and film worlds are his – Mark Fletcher was represented twice at the 20th anniversary festival in 2021 with Terra Mater Productions as screenwriter of nature films NOW LEOPARDS AND FRIENDS and THE WITNESS IS A WHALE. In 2022, he will be opening the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival as the director of PATRICK AND THE WHALE – an opulent piece set to enthrall audiences and taking you on the gripping journey of Patrick Dykstra and the sperm whale Dolores into the depths of the oceans.

“It’s great to be able to share the wonders of our planet with as many people as possible. The Earth and its oceans need our attention.” says main actor Patrick Dykstra, Ocean explorer, videographer, ex-lawyer.

Mark Fletcher
A 2022, 72 min, OV (engl.)
15.10.2022, 19:00, Saal 2
18.10.2022, 20:00, Saal 6

Jury statement

“Patrick and the Whale immerses us in a wonderful, alien world and tells a touching story of a man who follows his dream and finds it in the ocean. A film about a fabulous human-animal relationship that does not hide the drama of the current state of nature, but at the same time manages to give hope. The message of the film could hardly be more important at this time: Humans are not a species separated from the environment, but have always been part of nature – and remain intimately connected to it. A heartwarming documentary with magical moments and incredible images that ends in a beautiful dream.”