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Dust and drought are the biggest environmental problems in the Ahvaz region in Iran. Uniquely implemented.
Mahsa Samani
IR 2020, 9 min, OV
20.10.2021, 21:15
Jury statement (Jury Animation)


The candor of its childlike drawings marks a sharp contrast with its subject and brings more weight to the poignant message told here. The same applies to the technique used, its evanescence connects the visual to the story but, more importantly, to the effect of air pollution on everyday life.

Jury statement (Jury Soil)


Dust in the air is not only a problem for human health, it also tells us that we are losing soil somewhere. “Haboob” uses this dust to make us aware of its environmental effects with a spectacularly simplified scenery and a striking story. So, take care not to be “Gone with the Wind”.