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Love and lava – what a hot combo! Katia and Maurice Krafft met on a blind date in a café. From then on, everything in their lives revolved around their shared passion: volcanoes. The two fearless scientists from France did pioneering work in the 1970s and 80s, saving lives and ultimately losing theirs in a volcanic explosion in 1991. Their camera was their constant companion and the cinematic biography FIRE OF LOVE presents the breathtaking footage from their extensive archive.

US magazine Rolling Stone considers it “the greatest lava-driven love story ever told”, honoured by the Sundance Festival for best editing.

US-Magazin Rolling Stone hält sie für „die größte lavagetriebene Liebesgeschichte, die je erzählt wurde“, das Sundance Festival ehrte sie für den besten Schnitt.

Sara Dosa
USA 2022, 92 min, OmeU
15.10.2022, 15:45