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The festival is mainly supported by people with a wealth of big and small ideas. It started back in 2001 with Johannes Kostenzer’s Innsbruck Nature Film Days, followed by the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in 2013 and culminating in 2018, in the INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL that has sinced continued its evolution into the INTERNATIONAL NATURE FESTIVAL.

Over the years, a number of people have gathered around Johannes and today, together as a team, they manage a festival like no other. The idea is that film is both a perfect and central medium, but not the only medium, for making people aware of the environment and nature. So “modules” such as ART, GUSTO, MARKET and SENSES have been and will continue to be developed to reach ever more people. The strategy of placing the focus on nature, the environment, regionality and good living over one week in the city of Innsbruck has been planned right up until 2021. Here, cooperation between like-minded people and major cultural institutions is integral to long-term success.

To this end, the VEREIN NATURE FESTIVAL (Nature Festival Association) has now been set up to organise the festival from this year on and to secure its future growth. Chairman Thilo Bohatsch and Johannes Kostenzer both share the idea of making a major contribution to the future. Bohatsch´s extensive experience as an event manager, tourism and company consultant makes the noble task of generating real attention and securing sound funding for a sensitive area a tailored fit.

The non-profit NATURE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION was founded in 2019, is the organiser and manages the organisation, funding and running of the INTERNATIONAL NATURE FESTIVAL. It intends to achieve even greater appeal and to actively contribute to ensuring that this unique festival will continue to grow.




The INF organisation committee consists of experts from the fields of film production, film festival management, nature films, the protection of nature and the environment, event and campaign management, public relations and social media expertise and is supplemented by two trainees and many volunteers during the busy implementation phase.

Johannes Kostenzer, the state environmental ombudsman, monitors the quality criteria in all areas and contributes his expertise and many years of experience.

Festival director

Johannes Kostenzer

Johannes Kostenzer


Email: Johannes.Kostenzer(at)

Festival management

Thilo Bohatsch

Thilo Bohatsch


Email: thilo(at)

Festival organisation

Andreas Hudler

Andreas Hudler



Katja Trippel

Katja Trippel



Chiara Isabella Spagnoli Gabardi

Chiara Isabella Spagnoli Gabardi





…the pulsating heart of the Alps.
After work, a quick round on your mountain bike up to alpine huts. Take in a deep breath before the sun sets and then refresh yourself by diving into one in one of the natural lakes in Innsbruck´s surroundings. One minute you can hear cow bells and the next, you find yourself sitting in one of the street cafes in the medieval old town of Innsbruck, meeting friends. Down in the valley, the sprawl of a vibrant shopping and university city and up in the mountains, solitude at an altitude of 2,000 metres. That’s what we call quality of life!

For more details about Innsbruck – home of the Innsbruck Nature FILM Festival – please visit


The roots of the Hollywood Megaplex date back to the year 1959, when the trend-setting Metropol Kino in Innsbruck was opened, setting new standards even then. Since 1995, the family business has expanded to Linz-Pasching, St. Pölten and Vienna. Hollywood Megaplex was the first cinema in Austria to bring 3D to the screen and dominated the mobile market in 2011 with a cinema app for iOS and Android. Since 1995, Hollywood Megaplex has welcomed over 34 million cinema-goers throughout Austria.

The nominated films of the 20th Innsbruck Nature Film Festival will be shown in screens 3, 4 and 9 (= Couch Screen). The exhibition on the subject of “Nature and Architecture” will engulf the entire cinema foyer!